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Kaege and partners

Six cylinders.
Eight specialists.
One commitment.

It has been a team of eight passionate specialists that turned an idea into a project, and a project into a unique piece of automotive emotion in the end. Eightfold passion, anticipation, competence and love for a vehicle. Of course we are grateful that we also could rely on our partners at any time.

We know our abilities and we know what others can do better: We had a great time with our friends that took care of the carbon parts, the textile works in the interior, the engine manufacturing – or those who motivate us.

Thank you.



It was back in 1992, when Roger Kaege – a certified vehicle construction and bodywork expert – decided to enlarge his service facilities into a representative manufacture.

Next to his manifold competences for other car brands, it has been his passion for Porsche which soon gave him the reputation of being a true expert in everything related to high-end sports car tuning and services.

His steady professional presence at the Hockenheimring made him soon a “well-known man” with an outstanding expertise.

Slowly but steadily, Roger Kaege’s team was growing, the facilities enlarged and the capacities ensured to start working on a vision: To honour the rock solid 993 with the timeless look of a F-model.



Truly unique.

We are aware of the KAEGE RETRO evoking a growing interest, enthusiasm and curiosity: Who are the people behind this vision? Where is the manufacture? And how many vehicles are crafted per year?

The KAEGE RETRO is produced exclusively in our modern premises in Stetten – a small town in the hills of Rhineland-Palatinate, close to the famous “Hockenheimring”.

Each vehicle is unique. It is thoroughly handcrafted with a lot of passion, experience and expertise by our team members and some selected specialists, leaving plenty of room for individual customizing.

Essentially, quality is a matter of time and devotion. Hence, the annual production is currently limited to six vehicles per year. We might carefully enlarge production over the next years, but only if we can maintain the current level of quality and exclusivity.